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Somewhere in the deep dark green forest of memory, strangled with the ivy of forgetfulness, Shiznitz began, when Larry Mctavish met Corona Smith at art school in Hull. Since then many poor souls have joined them on their perilous quest to make music and perform it in public for the general jollification of the earth’s peoples.

The relentless pursuit of the next show that pays in sandwiches and fizzy pop has caused some to abandon the Shiznitz life, due to malnutrition and other privations.

Their first album ‘Boathouse Masters’ was recorded in an old Boat Shed on the banks of the river Hull. They are currently recording their second album.

JRR Tolkien

793876_857748780918001_4886077880999445555_oShiznitz are usually a five piece band…

Corona Smith – Plays fiddle, guitar, saw and sings as best he can.

Larry Mctavish – Plays Banjo, Suitcase Bass Drum and sings pretty good.

Max Spence – Plays Double Bass and sings quietly to himself

Amanda Lowe – Plays Hammer Dulcimer, Mandolin and sings right nice, the musician of the band.

Janet Worrell – Plays Whistle and Euphonium and sings lovely backing vocals with Amanda.